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Frequently Asked Questions

Why I use packages

We have ADHD, so regardless of how important we think a task is, we may still have a hard time scheduling it. In fact, the more important the task, the harder it might be to initiate. I want to offer a discount for prepaid services so that it is easier for my clients to initiate scheduling when they need me.

This is not some trick to get you locked into services. It’s actually an adaptive strategy called friction-reduction. I want you to have as few barriers as possible, life is hard enough.

Insurance and Payments

Unfortunately coaching services are rarely, if ever, covered by insurance.

I do offer some ways to get discounts on the services:
Packages. Prepaying for a package of sessions will save you up to 20% on my services. Please see the services page for details.
Sliding Scale. I will sometimes offer a sliding scale for existing clients who come into financial hardship and need temporary assistance.
Meetups. I regularly contribute to a Meetup group where I give talks and answer questions as an ADHD coach. These are not custom sessions for you, but do provide a great coaching resource for a very low price. Check here for my next scheduled talk.

Payments are accepted through the Simple Practice Portal or by check. Payments are due within 15 days of your service and auto billing is available if you have a card on file.


Scheduling with me is easy. I use Simple Practice to streamline my business. I chose Simple Practice because it offers robust scheduling and videoconferencing options and it was built for mental health professionals, so it has HIPPA-compliant security features. You will be able to request any services available on my Simple Practice schedule or you can reach out to me to see if a particular day and time works with my schedule for a custom booking.

Topics Covered in Coaching

We can talk about any aspect of your life that is affected by ADHD. Clients commonly come to me for general ADHD advice and organizational skills, and we end up tackling long-neglected adulting topics like following up on overdue appointments, learning how to manage finances, taking steps to reconnect broken relationships, or how to declutter a home. I can normalize the struggles you are facing and walk you through every step without judgement or shame. This is exactly why I am here!

When something comes up in a session that is a better topic for a medical professional, like an addiction, eating disorder, or other comorbid condition, I will help you frame it from an ADHD perspective but encourage you to seek treatment from a medical provider.

Topics not covered in coaching

Generally you are ready for coaching after you have been working with a therapist. Therapy is designed to help with mental health issues and processing feelings and emotions from past or current events. ADHD Coaching is designed to help you move forward and build executive function skills and adaptive strategies.

Although there may be some overlap between therapy and coaching, you can expect a gentle redirect from me if we drift toward a topic that is better handled by a licensed therapist.

Finally, I do not provide medical advice. I may point you to resources from ADHD medical professionals or discuss those topics, but it is for educational purposes only and all medical decisions should be made between you and your prescriber.

Medical Prescribers for ADHD

Finding a qualified medical provider for ADHD is one of the very hardest things about looking into a diagnosis or treatment. One thing that shocks most clients is learning that most doctors and psychiatrists have not received training in ADHD. Many providers made it through their training before adult ADHD was commonly accepted, and I have run into many prescribers who still believe a variety of myths, including that ADHD is only a hyperactivity disorder in school-aged boys.I do recommend starting with someone who specializes in ADHD. This might be a physician, psychiatrist, or psychiatric nurse practitioner (PNP). Fortunately many providers are now offering appointments remotely so you are able to work with anyone certified in your state. In my experience, PNPs tend to have more experience with ADHD, and are a great resource for finding your right medication and dose. If you are at this step and would like to know what you can expect from a professional medication trial, please set up a session with me and I can connect you with free resources that will help prepare you for your appointment.

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